collaborative art exhibition


Ink + Bloom is a project about freedom.  Freedom to do whatever you want with your body, adding 
or subtracting; acting independently from what your outward appearance might imply.  Homegirl Industries help ex-gang members remove tattoos that link them to a past life.  These women are ready to be reborn, independent of what their skin looks like.  A new chance to be productive for themselves and others.  Ink + Bloom builds on this idea and looks at the skin and art as a place to experience rebirth.  Blank, inked, or fading in between, the freedom for a woman to define herself beyond her past is a right not always observed.  We hope that the collaboration project of Ink + Bloom will help to bring awareness and empathy to the rebirth of these amazing women. 


Rachel Bagan + U.Alexander Lopez

Nathaly Bonilla

Khalid Farquharson

Morgan Pupa

Lindsey White

Client / 

Homeboy Industries


Role / 

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Event Coordination


Agency / 

Play Grnd

Year / 


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