Church of Our Saviour is an Episcopalian church located in San Marino, CA.




Church of Our Saviour was a branding refresh and full website redesign project.  The client wanted to refresh the logo to reflect the churches current outreach and diversity while still promoting beautiful architectural elements of the churches design.  We created a minimal logo that references the stained glass within the church buildings and reflects the churches ideals and values.

The website focused on bringing their site into the current web design standards.  It is a very information dense site that presented the unique challenge of creating something that still had a minimal look with ease of use for all parishioners without losing any of their needed information.  The site hosts live sermons, translation capabilities to cater to both their English and mandarin speaking parishioners as well as scheduling displays to help keep their events visible and easy to find.

View their website HERE

Client / 

Church of Our Saviour


Role / 

Branding Design

Web Design


Agency / 

Church of Our Saviour

Year / 

2020 - 2021


We created a new logo design to help refresh the brand identity for Church of Saviour.



We created the Church of Our Saviour website focusing on a minimal look with ease of use.  The site features translation options to translate between English and Mandarin language as well as video hosting to showcase their virtual sermons and live streams.  View the live site HERE