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Interstellar was a full branding/visual identity job.  The client wanted to create a playful/minimal vibe that spoke to their name and tagline "the space between two stars."  We created a logo and overall branding identity that worked within this constraint and set the tone for the entire visual identity connected to the brand.

The social media curation and website design focused on creating a fun, colorful vibe that reflects the brand and it's owners, promoting the idea of blending cultures and experiences to create a safe space for people to gather and enjoy a unique dining experience. 


Along with setting the brand identity and graphics, we handle all creative art direction for the photos associated with the brand, meaning we handle all visual identity components.  We run and curate the brands social media feed and design all custom merch under the Interstellar name (mugs, cups, clothing, etc.)

Interior design | Omgivning

Interior photos | Emi Kitawaki

Social Media photos | Ariel Ip

View their website HERE

View their instagram HERE

Client / 

Angie & Daniel Kim


Role / 

Branding Design

Web Design

Creative Art Direction

Social Media Curation + Management

Merch + Signage Design


Agency / 


Year / 

2018 - present

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