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Finding a Designer

Finding a designer is such an important decision that can feel overwhelming at times . . .

Finding a designer for your branding and marketing needs can feel really overwhelming, but don't worry, I've created an easy to follow guide to help you find that perfect person/agency! The hardest part is knowing where to start, right?

Make a list

The first thing you should do before even starting to look at portfolios and websites is to sit down and figure out what your needs are. Make a list of top priority services and qualities your looking for, that way you have a clear direction as to what you're looking for. Trust me this will make the process a million times easier and more enjoyable for you!

Think about the style and look that you're after

What I find to be really helpful for clients is for them to have a lose idea of what kind of visual vibe they want to go for in their branding/marketing materials. By nailing this down you make it easier to seek out designers with your desired style. Sure there are plenty of designers out there who can mimic any style you want, however the most successful ones are those who have a clear language and understanding of specific looks/design vibe.

Take some time to research different visual styles and terms so that you can get better acquainted prior to meeting with designers. It's helpful to learn a bit about terms so that once you do begin work with a designer/agency you avoid any misunderstanding and keep the work flow as efficient as possible.

Start searching for designers/agencies that create compelling work

Alright, this is the big one, actually looking for someone to hire. There are a few great resources you can use to help find that perfect designer/agency: Instagram, Coroflot, Behance, and good old fashioned Google. These are just a few platforms that have a great collection of designers and resources to help make this process a bit easier. When searching for a designer/agency be sure to use the key terms you used in the step above, this will help narrow down your search to ensure you find someone who is able to execute what you're looking for.

Another great resource to utilize is your community, reach out to friends and fellow brands to see if they have any designers/agencies they've worked with that they can recommend. You can also look for websites that you like the look of and check the web design credit (usually listed a the footer of the site) to find designers who create work that you like.

I've found a designer/agency I like, now what?

After searching you're bound to find a few designers/agencies that you're interested in. The next step would be to reach out and set up a call or in person meeting to get a feel for them, their process, etc. to ensure they feel like a good fit. Be sure to include the services you're interested in when setting up the call to ensure all topics get discussed. I always include a free onboarding call with prospective clients as it gives us a chance to learn about one another, discuss potential strategy, and go over questions before locking into a contract. I'm a big believer in meeting someone (virtually, over the phone, or in person) before signing any contracts to ensure everything feels right.

What's Next?

After you've found someone you're happy with and contracts are signed you're ready to get started! Each agency/designer has their own design process, and it's important to understand what that looks like in terms of feedback, design options, etc. Once you know their process you can be ready to supply feedback and commentary that will help get you your perfect branding design!

In need of a branding design/identity?

I have to plug my own company here, obviously. If you are in the process of searching for a designer/agency to help you create the perfect branding and brand identity then look no further! I'd love to set up a free consultation call to go over your needs and give you a peak into what our design process looks like. We work with countless brands in all types of fields and truly love shaping brand identities for our clients. Feel free to fill out our form below to get started:


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