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Array is a passion project of ours, a bi-annual publication that showcases local photographers and writers.  Array is not just a publication, it's a community of artists and creatives to build each other up through collaboration.




Array is a photo journal we design and publish annually.  Each issue features 2 themes for participating photographers and writers  to interpret through their work.  With each issue release we put on a launch event to celebrate the issue and create a gallery exhibition of the work featured in the book.  Each issue has it's own graphic language based on the themes and the work submitted.  The goal of this project is to foster creative collaboration and build a strong community of like minded artists.

Due to the impacts COVID has had on our community we have had to put this project on hold but are working tirelessly to pivot and adjust our model to work in the new digital age.  Stay tuned!

View the website HERE

Client / 

Play Grnd

Role / 

Branding Design

Web Design

Creative Art Direction

Merch Design

Print Design

Book Layout/Design

Gallery/Event Design

Video Production

Agency / 

Array Photo Journal

Year / 

2017 - present


We created a full brand identity for Array, this included a primary, secondary, and icon logo design for versatility of the visual brand.

web design


We created the Array website focusing on a layered print work vibe.  We wanted to really showcase the photography in a unique and engaging way.  View the live site HERE