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Artful Efforts Feature | How to Create a Visual Brand Identity with Rachel Lopez-Bagan

Rachel Lopez-Bagan is a graphic designer, branding expert, and founder of Play Grnd Design. She's here to help us create a visual brand identity that compliments our work and helps potential patrons see our content and KNOW it's us. We also discuss: 00:07:30 Clarifying your audience and artistic identity 00:19:00 How branding differs for artists from corporations 00:24:30 Create a visual brand that can grow with you as your work evolves 00:27:00 How to create quality marketing content and still having time for your artistic practice 00:32:00 The best social media planning software to use 00:33:00 Keeping it legible 00:38:00 Crushing overwhelm and making it manageable

Watch the full episode HERE


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