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Bold Moves Podcast | Episode 181

Our latest guest for Bold Moves Podcast Episode 181: Rachel Bagan is a mover and a shaker! Rachel recently left her salaried job to fully commit to her branding & graphic design business. It has been bumpy at times but she is so much happier and already seeing growth in her business! If that wasn’t enough, Rachel also began a project called Array in which she scouts CA-based photographers for a bi-annual photography journal.  This project is very close to Rachel’s heart as it’s all about collaboration and building fellow creatives/independents up! It also gives her the chance to fully design and curate a publication without any restriction. Once the journal is ready, Rachel also organizes a launch event for each issue release. This entrepreneur journey has been such a growing experience for Rachel and has allowed her to take a risk for my own happiness and to commit to something she truly loves.

Bold Moves Podcast Episode 181: Rachel Bagan is available in the player embedded below (like all of my podcast episodes)! You can also find it in your favorite podcast app by searching “Bold Moves,” or click here to catch it on ApplePodcasts or Stitcher! Please do lovely things like subscribe, share this with your friends, and leave me nice ratings, because that would help me a ton! Not all of my audience is into listening to podcasts, so I also upload them on YouTube! You can see Bold Moves Podcast Episode 181 Rachel Bagan right here!

Listen to the full podcast episode HERE


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